Social Media Marketing for Accountancy Firms

Social Media Marketing for Accountancy Firms

Social media is the new public square of our era. A reality without which we cannot move forward in this modern space. So, having a social media presence for your accountancy firms is a necessity now. Why? Because it is the new way to stay connected with your clients.

Undoubtedly, it builds brand awareness for your accounting firm. This is because it possesses the great power of reaching out to a large audience with customized accounting messages. The customization allows the accountancy firm to connect on a much deeper level than just throwing normal messages toward your audience. This in turn helps build long-lasting relationships with your loyal clients.

In addition to this, social media establishes trust and increases web traffic. When clients know about your accountancy firm, they are more likely to trust you. So accountancy firms should try to have a good social media strategy in place. This way the firm is more likely to attract new clients and retain the old ones. More so, if the firm is actively posting quality content, people will start finding you on social media eventually. This will then increase your web traffic as well.

Moving forward, there are a lot of social media platforms out there. And as an accounting firm, you might be tempted to create your presence on all of them. However, it is not the best approach. Each platform has a different audience and some platforms might be completely irrelevant to you. The best way to move forward is to market where your audience is.

So, let’s look at how accountancy firms can use different social media platforms:


Facebook has almost 2.7 billion monthly users. Now even though the interaction is business-to-customer, that is not a valid reason to miss out on this platform. Most accounting firms are business-to-business companies, the views on a Facebook profile are most likely going to come from potential employees rather than prospective clients. However, accounting firms must still deliver soft brand messages and actively post quality content. This helps in building the brand name and aura.


Instagram is a visual platform with about 1 billion monthly users. It is a platform people look up to for influence. And that is the benefit accounting firms can take. The appropriate way to do this is by posting about the things your audience does not know. Such content educates and engages your target audience. This content can feature videos, graphics or photos to create intriguing social posts. And definitely add relevant hashtags to your posts to promote them.


LinkedIn has almost 465 million monthly users. It is a platform that focuses on building relationships in the business world. This also helps in lead generation. Accountants can easily create their brand awareness through the brand page. As it is a business-to-business platform, it should provide valuable content like blog posts and articles.

Apart from this, employees of your accounting firm need to embrace LinkedIn. To do that they must like, comment, and share the content. However, this does not stop here. They must also comment on other people’s posts as it is a platform to harness and build long-lasting relationships.


Twitter has about 187 million monthly users. It is a very active platform with a character limit for the posts. This characteristic makes it an environment where short-term interactions take place. Twitter is usually the most difficult platform for a lot of companies. This is because most companies do not know what Twitter is used for. It is a platform that is used to discuss events, breaking news listen to grievances by the customers.

So accountants should create or share blog posts that focus on the latest news and ongoing events in your firm. This should be done in a way that stimulates discussion from your ideal customers. Also offer customer service using this platform by quickly responding to any questions or issues that need to be handled.


YouTube is generally not considered a social media platform however it has almost 2 billion monthly users. It is a video streaming platform where accounting firms can identify problems with existing or potential clients. The firm can make a video on the specific problem and help educate the audience. This helps in increasing engagement, creating awareness, and building loyalty.

So in a nutshell, select the platforms where your firm can place consistent content and engage with your audience. Optimizing your social media presence will mean that you seem more credible to potential clients. And lastly, it helps you to connect with more people!

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