How to Get Accounting Clients and Referrals?

How to Get Accounting Clients and Referrals?

Searching for clients and referrals for your accounting firm is never easy. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. So in this blog, I will be outlining strategies that will help your accounting firm to get clients.

The basics of getting clients and referrals revolve around two main things. One is to understand your target marketing. The key to understanding your target audience is to analyze what makes them tick. This further helps to develop personalized marketing schemes which are mainly customer-driven. If target markets are not understood properly, this may lead to a company deploying the same run-of-the-mill marketing strategies that are of little to no use.

The second one is crafting messaging around a value proposition. This must resonate with your target market. When a firm understands its target market, it is able to effectively put out a value proposition that attracts your audience towards your business. Once this is done, this proposition can then be used to its full advantage by utilizing it everywhere in the marketing.

Here are four strategies on how to get accounting clients in this constantly changing world:

Optimize Your Search Engine

I am pretty sure that you must have come across the word SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing content or your website. Why is it needed?  It helps the client’s websites to be found easily in Google’s search results. Everything is a game of having good keywords. And though everyone knows about SEO, very less people know about local SEO.

Simply, it is a process through which businesses optimize their online presence. This helps in gaining more traffic from local searches. The client’s firm which gets local traffic, gets the most attention. Also, did you know that 46 percent of all Google searches are seeking local information.

Now you might be thinking about how to optimize the client’s local SEO. Well, I know you can literally get hundreds of ways for doing this on Google. However, one of the best is to optimize the client’s Google My Business listing. This is something 56% of clients forget to do.

Focus on Your Niche

Focusing on your niche can definitely increase clients. Think about the things that you can provide as an accounting firm to your customers. Then start speaking about your niche, the products, and services your clients are providing on the social media platforms. This should not stop here. Try attending networking events too. In such events, you can find people from similar niches. Thus staying close to the groups in your niche increases your chances of meeting new clients and getting referrals. It also helps you to stay on the cutting edge. This means that you will have the latest knowledge on your niche and gain audiences from these businesses with similar niches.

For example, if you decide to specialize in accounting for senior citizens, your work preference will have to adjust accordingly too. Working in an old age homes, helping elderly people fill in tax or pension forms and more are some of the many services or areas of work which will add to your specialization.

Partner with Professionals

Partner with other professionals in your area. These can help you gain more clients. Look out for attorneys, business investment consultants, and IT based firms. All these have clients that are in need of accounting services. More so, you can look for well-established accounting firms who might not have expertise in your area of specialization. This way you can gain even more clients.

Volunteer Your Accounting Services

You can improve your reputation by volunteering your accounting services from time to time. You can do this for schools or local charities. It gets easier to get good accounting clients when you get recognition from volunteering for such institutions. Many organizations even have membership guides and newsletters where you can purchase some classified advertisements. As for schools, accounting firms can sponsor the annual carnival, talent show or sports fests to get more and more clients.

All in all, once you get accounting clients, you must take good care of them. Build long lasting relationship. This will help you retain them and save costs. Make sure to fulfill the client’s needs. Show them appreciation first and then ask for referrals from them.


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