1. How do you protect my data and that of my client’s?

Let us look at a brief synopsis of our working model that support your data security concerns:

  • ACCA-CPA Affiliates – Each of our Accountants is an affiliate of a UK Chartered Professional Accountant (ACCA) body. There is a set of standards of conduct that must be followed concerning the management of client data and any deviation can lead to the revoking of the affiliation.
  •  Mutual non-disclosure agreement – You will enter into a contract with a Canadian company with strict non-disclosure terms and data protection is supported by some of the toughest SLAs as well as strict adherence to strict employee contracts backed by the ACCA
  • Professional Data Security Insurance – Data Protection in Canada is insured by Accountroots.
  •  Multilevel security portals and Bank-grade System – Our operating systems are software-protected to prevent the local transfer of funds, downloads, or backup creation.
  • Remote Desktop Access Solution-We will sign in to work with your devices. No files leave the office, no information is exchanged. We are just coming into your office virtually and doing the specific tasks on your systems.

2. Which kind of Accounting Software integration do you use?

The collection of software tools that Accountroot’s Professional virtual accountants specialize are :


3. What are the certifications, skills, and experience of your Potential Virtual Accountant team?

We have a highly qualified team of accountants, chartered accountants, and financial experts from leading institutions who can assist you with all your accounting needs. Our Accountants expertise in:’

  • Cloud Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Management Accounts
  • Year-End Accounts Preparation
  • Sales tax Returns
  • Payroll Processing
  • Bookkeepers Review
  • Accounting Clean up jobs
  • Working papers Preparation
  • Preparation of tax returns

4. What is your holistic Virtual Accountant Model Approach and how do we evaluate productivity?

Your Accountroots Virtual Accountant operates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time to provide you with a live-work / interaction experience. Accountroots fully tailor the experience according to your needs. If you do not use the Accountroots or Remote Desktop Management Portal at your office location to monitor the service, you can connect live via quick communication software such as Skype, Slack, and Teams, or management software such as Jetpack, WorkflowMax, etc.

You can even have the facility to manage and control the whole experience by e-mail if you would like. Communication includes instructions, job reviews, and deadlines from your side, as well as queries and job updates from the virtual accountant. Timesheets are used to clock hours either via www.tsheets.com or through the Accountroots Management Portal. This will provide you with the reports of the amount of time you spend on each of your clients, allowing you to measure exactly how much time and money you spend on each job.

5. Contract Flexibility – what sort of agreement am I going to sign?

We offer a fixed price for one year, but you would enter into a month-to-month agreement that allows you to opt-out of service on 30-day notice in the first year and a 60-day notice in the second year. Prices are modified at the end of each year according to the level of experience outlined in the pricing plans that we will share with you before we continue working together.

If you demand to change working models between part-time, full-time, and ad hoc, you can do that by simply dialing a call or email to the service’s regional manager within 10 days.

6. What is it that holds you back?

Request a free consultation and our service trial now. Many companies refute outsourcing for having heard of unpleasant experiences from others. One wouldn’t condemn having to deal with accounting firms just because they had a poor experience with one. What we can say is that there is always a room for improvement and a way to rectify the flaws and work in an organized way, as with every service. Our years of struggle represent the overall improved system, we developed our own technology for management and adhere to the motto of “ Always deliver more than expected”

In addition to your free consultation, you can ask to communicate with one of our current clients to reassure yourself that we are providing quality accounting solutions.

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