Social Media Marketing for Accountancy Firms

Social media is the new public square of our era. A reality without which we cannot move forward in this modern space. So, having a social media presence for your accountancy firms is a necessity now. Why? Because it is the new way to stay connected with your clients.

How to Get Accounting Clients and Referrals?

Searching for clients and referrals for your accounting firm is never easy. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. So in this blog, I will be outlining strategies that will help your accounting firm to get clients.

5 Types of Accounting Niches and Segments

A niche is simply a small portion or a segment of a big market. These segments contain group of people with similar needs and behaviors. There are many niches out there that you, as an accountant, can be a part of. The problem lies in finding the appropriate one to get clients that suit your […]

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